RAeS Talk Success

Neil Lomax at RAeSNeil Lomax’s talk at the Royal Aeronautical Society covered the Hawker Siddeley HS.121 Trident aircraft, his work on preserving G-AWZK at Manchester, and introduced the campaign to save G-ARPO.

The talk was enjoyed by all, and to top it off the organisation donated money from a raffle held at the event to our project, which will go towards saving our aircraft. A big thank you to the organisers for this, and thanks to Neil for his presentation.

You can read all about RAes here.

3 thoughts on “RAeS Talk Success

  1. Neil Lomax says:

    A superb evening at Heathrow RAeS branch,i overran by 45 mins and the audiance were made up of ex pilot’s and engineers.For a change i had an “open” lecture with all that attended (around 70) and i learnt a lot from them all….i was told a great lecture is when all stay on and not leave,and this was the case…it ranks as my favortie talk to date and i will be doing more for the RAeS.

  2. Graeme Catnach says:

    A pleasure to host you, Neil, and an excellent talk! It’s been a while since we’ve had to start switching off lights to get people to leave! Hope the shoulder survived the return motorbike journey!

  3. Neil Lomax says:

    Yes Graeme it did (just !) was an absolute pleasure and the support and kindness from all there was excellent and the feedback e mail’s i have had made it all the more enjoyable,i look forward to presenting another when we complete “our” Trident 1C. 😉

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