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Final Preparations part 2

Posted on Jun 24, 2011 in Featured articles, Project News | 0 comments

Before we move G-ARPO, we wanted to patch up two cracks in the wing stubs that appeared when we removed the wings. So members of the team met at the site today to carry out this work, which will strengthen the aircraft for the move to Sunderland. Flavell Welding came across to help us do this work, and were very experienced and helpful in their approach to the work. We also had help from HSS Hire who provided a generator for the work. Here are some photos from the day [Show as...

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Final preparations

Posted on Jun 17, 2011 in Featured articles, Project News | 2 comments

We met at G-ARPO today to spend some time preparing the aircraft for its move. In order to fit on the trailer for the move up to Sunderland, we needed to retract the landing and nose gear legs. Tridents have unusual wheel configurations, with the main landing gear rotating as they retract, and the nose gear leg retracting sideways rather than forwards. We were pleased to see the legs re-enacting this unique method today as we jacked them up into the fuselage for the first time in over 27 years. They are now all safely stowed and chained into position ready for the move. We hope to be able to...

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