G-ARPO’s last commercial flight

Some photos have recently surfaced of the day of our Trident, G-ARPO’s, last commercial flight on 16th March 1983.

Andy Butcher, a former Trident pilot who flew all three variants of the aircraft at different points in his career, was Captain on the final passenger flight which saw the aircraft fly from Glasgow to London Heathrow. Following this it was put in storage for a number of months before flying up to Teesside Airport for use by the CAA Fire Training School.

Andy took a few photos of the aircraft before and after the flight, and you can see them below (click for larger versions). They show the cabin and the cockpit (the registration is clearly visible).

We can’t thank Andy enough for these pictures, which give us a great insight into how the aircraft looked at the end of its career. They¬†will be displayed on board the aircraft once restored at Sunderland.

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