Fundraising target reached, progress made… but more to do!

G-ARPOThis week we received a couple of donations which have brought us up to the fundraising target we set ourselves for 2013!

We’re overwhelmed by your generosity and support for this project, and very grateful that you want to see this historic aircraft preserved for future generations. It has felt like a very productive year for the project as your donations have allowed us to move on a number of important items.

The £3,000 we’ve raised this year has all gone towards the project. It has allowed us to complete the following tasks:

  • Move the aircraft onto a new display area at the museum
  • Trip to Boscombe Down to retrieve engine parts from BAC 1-11
  • Equipment hire and materials for sanding and preparing the exterior of the aircraft
  • Internal work, including lighting and paint, and materials for the Pullman-style tables

We still intend to purchase material to re-cover the seats in authentic BKS/Northeast Airlines colours in the forward cabin, and will be restoring/covering seats for the rear cabin.

Although this is great progress, we’ve still got a long way to go and really encourage you to help us out with donations if you can. It doesn’t stop at £3,000, and a big steps is to pay for the aircraft to be repainted professionally – which is an expensive job. Thankfully the paints and primers were sponsored by PPG Industries.

We’re heading into the winter work period now, starting with protecting the fuselage, and then continuing work within the cabin and cockpit. If you want to help out with donations, click here, or with volunteering your time, contact us here.

Thanks again

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