150th Pilot Reached

G-ARPO_Delivery_9As many of you know, we’ve been collecting the flight logs from our Trident, G-ARPO’s life. This is enabling us to piece together a history of the places it flew, between 1965 and 1983, and is a fascinating insight into the life of the aircraft.

By doing this, we have come into contact with a lot of people who once flew G-ARPO in various capacities. These pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers have retained their log books and allowed us to take notes of the flights they took on ‘PO. In some cases it is the families of pilots who have sadly passed away that have allowed us access to their logs.

And now, we are really pleased to announce we’ve reached our 150th pilot, who has kindly provided his logs.

We continually add these logs to the pages on this site (over over Flight Log at the top of the page), and are also maintaining a master log which will be displayed on the Trident once it is open to the public.

Do you have any logs showing flights you took on G-ARPO? Please get in touch with details if you do!

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