Seat fabric on its way

The first batch of seat fabric for the forward cabin of G-ARPO will soon be with us.

This authentic material has been matched and supplied by J A Milton Upholstery Suppliers, who helped us get the best price for the material, and have also arranged for a fire retardant coating to be applied to the material to comply with health and safety regulations when people come onboard (check out their website at

The total cost to upholster the seats in the forward cabin is £1,260. The first batch represents the first third of the payment that we’ve been able to pay for.


If anyone can help out with these costs, please get in touch. Remember, you can sponsor a seat for £50, which pays for the material for that seat. You’ll get your company logo on our website and lots of thanks from us and our supporters. Already we’ve had Pooleys, Koubour Interiors, Aerozeal, Mint Software Systems.


2 thoughts on “Seat fabric on its way

  1. Rod says:

    My name is rod and i work for J A Milton Upholstery Supplies,we sponsored you some fabric for the plane seats.
    Last week i put on our facebook page that we gave you some fabric for your plane Sponsored and a picture of your plane that your doing up. we had a comment back from a lady in exeter this is what she said ( My husband actually flew this aeroplane as a young 1st Officer) i just thought it would be of some interest to you Susan Handy Routh.
    I hope this is of some interest to you.
    Thanks Rod J A Milton Upholstery Supplies

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Rod, that’s interesting to know. Small world!
    Please encourage her to get in touch if her husband’s log books still exist as we’re collecting all flight information from everyone who flew the aircraft.

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