Save The Trident – what’s next?


After our amazing unveiling ceremony in July, the team are naturally on a high and very happy to have our Trident, G-ARPO, in a great condition and able to welcome people on board.

Whilst this takes a little bit of pressure off the day-to-day jobs, the team are now looking firmly ahead at the rest of the job in hand to complete the restoration of the aircraft.

You’ve probably noticed that the wings, tail and engine casings are missing from this ‘complete’ Trident 1C. Well, we have them, and they’re currently stored at the museum, but we’ve got a bit of work to do to get them ready for reattaching.

First, we need to deal with any corrosion and damage to them. We will need welding and plating to fix any holes and damage. And whilst they’re on the ground we will think about sanding and painting them.


This all takes a lot of effort, and we need to hire expensive cranes in every time we want to do any kind of lifting or moving. We’ll also need to hire in professionals for a lot of the repairs and build a rig for the tail.

So our next stage is to raise the funds needed. We will do this in three ways:

  • Donations sent in to help our project
  • Donations received on the door from people visiting the aircraft
  • Sponsorship from companies we approach about doing the work

We’d like to ask that if you can help out financially in any way, please consider doing so. We are initially trying to raise £2,500 to fund the immediate work needed to move the wings and tail, and do the initial work to secure and prepare them. You can donate either by sending a cheque in the post, or through Paypal. Find out more through our Donate page.

We must act on the wings and tail before it’s too late. If we can’t save them soon, it will mean they are beyond repair and can’t be reattached to the fuselage. We all really want to see G-ARPO complete again!



Visiting G-ARPO

Now that the unveiling is done, the team will be arranging to open G-ARPO to visitors as often as possible. This will usually be on a weekend, and we’ll try to let people know in plenty of time through this website and our Facebook page so that you can plan a visit.

It is our hope to be able to open the aircraft on all of the event days NELSAM museum hold, so keep an eye out on their website for what’s coming up.


One thought on “Save The Trident – what’s next?

  1. Neil King says:

    As a child I remember Tridents flying over my house in Edinburgh and had a poster of one on my bedroom wall so I think the work you’re doing on this is just amazing. As I’m retired now, I can’t afford much but have made a *tiny* donation and would encourage others to do the same because there’s probably some stat that if everyone who looked at the website donated just a £1, you could probably put an engine back on or something. It also gives you a tiny sense of “ownership” which is rewarding as well. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

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