More stabiliser and rudder welding work

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More work was undertaken on the horizontal stabiliser of G-ARPO last week with the help of K D Flavell & Sons who joined us to do some welding on the structures to strengthen and protect then for the future.


The work saw corrosion cut out and the rebuilding of the front brackets which attach the stabiliser to the top of the tail fin.



New plating was added, sealed and painted, and are ready now to drill new holes for the brackets.


Whilst we had K D Flavell with us, we took the opportunity to reattach the rudder to the tail; this is a much easier task when it is laid on the ground than when it is ultimately back on the airframe and at height.


Finally, the elevators were welded into a fixed position to prevent them from moving around in the wind or under their own weight. We have no need for them to ever move, so it adds some protection to them by securing them in a neutral position. Again, it is much easier to do this now whilst the parts are on the ground.

KD Flavell Logo

HSS Hire are providing tools for dismantling G-ARPO

We thank K D Flavell & Sons for their help and expert skills in performing this welding work for us. We also thank HSS Hire for their continued help in subsidising tool hire when we need it.

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