Another photo of G-ARPO in service

Posted on Dec 16, 2015 in About G-ARPO, Featured, Featured articles | 2 comments

G-ARPO Trident

We’ve recently found this photo of G-ARPO in service with BEA¬†at Heathrow.

Thanks to the photographer, Steve Burland, for letting us use it.

We love seeing our Trident when it was active, so if you have any pictures of her please send them in for our archive, and to share with you all online!


  1. I have a wall picture of aTrident in BEA colours it does not have any IID number. The drawing is framed, is it of interest if so how do I get it to you.


  2. Hi Sid. Sounds great! If you’re sure, you can send it to Tony Jarrett, 73 Black Prince Avenue, Market Deeping, PE6 8LR

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