Tail Painting Process Begins

Trident Tail Painting
We had some time last week to begin the process of painting the tail of G-ARPO. The vertical stabiliser is currently stored at the museum and we've been looking at protecting this (and the wings) recently to make sure they'll be in the best shape possible when the time comes to reattach them to the fuselage. So we've now sanded and started priming the tail. It will ne...
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Trimite to the Rescue Again!

Trimite Technologies
Our good friends at Trimite Technologies have come to the rescue again. You may remember that prior to painting our Trident in the striking colours of Northeast Airlines last year, Trimite provided the Alochrom we needed to prepare the bare metal fuselage before the primer was added. Now, with warmer weather up on us, we're about to follow the same process as we prepa...
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A bit of cleaning work

We're well into our 2016 open season on Trident G-ARPO - we're currently opening the aircraft to the public on the first and third Saturdays of the month right until the end of October, plus special events and the occasional other day. We always promote these on Facebook, so if you're thinking of coming, make sure you 'Like' us to get the latest info. Here's our page: https://w...
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