Tail Painting Process Begins

Trident Tail Painting

We had some time last week to begin the process of painting the tail of G-ARPO.

The vertical stabiliser is currently stored at the museum and we’ve been looking at protecting this (and the wings) recently to make sure they’ll be in the best shape possible when the time comes to reattach them to the fuselage.

So we’ve now sanded and started priming the tail. It will need to be flipped over in order to paint the other side.

Eventually the Northeast tail livery will be applied.


2 thoughts on “Tail Painting Process Begins

  1. Alex Cho says:

    Wow… This is my first visit since 2011, and the change you’ve made is incredible! I’m very happy to watch this trident getting into shape… and there’s one thing I want to ask you; are you going to make this aircraft flyable?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Alex! No, unfortunately we could never restore G-ARPO to flight as we don’t have engines and the structure is not sound. There is no runway near her location either.

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