Wings Moved Behind Fuselage

After five years we finally moved the wings of G-ARPO a little closer to the fuselage today.

The guys at MSD Cranes arrived early to help relocate the wings from behind the main hangar at NELSAM to a spot behind the Trident, allowing us to position them above ground where air can circulate underneath and protect them. It makes them easier to work on when it comes to sanding and painting them.

We also flipped the vertical stabiliser so that the other side can be sanded and primed in the near future, after we did the other half earlier this month.

Having the wings next to the fuselage helps give visitors an idea of the full scale of the aircraft and makes it look a little more complete, even though we’re not in a position to reattach them yet!

Thanks to MSD for their help – it was great to have Stan back with us, after he last helped during the dismantling of G-ARPO in the early days of the project.

We also thank Kwik Fit for donating lots of old tires free of charge to help cushion the wings and stabiliser.








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