2016 Funding Goal Reached!


Last night we received a donation which brought our 2016 funding goal to its £2,500 target!

We’re thrilled to reach this goal as it helps us to fund all of the great work we’ve been doing to prepare and restore the tails and wings of our aircraft ahead of their eventual reattachment to the aircraft.

Because they are sat outside, we need to make sure they are looked after in order to preserve them for the long term.

We can’t thank our supporters enough for what you’ve done to help this project continue. You have all done a great thing!

As a reminder, Save The Trident and its bid to preserve the last complete Trident 1C airliner in the world is a volunteer-run organisation and we don’t have any income apart from what is donated to us.

We’ve now reached our target for the year, but please don’t stop donating to the project. Click here to pledge your support today!


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