Tail Welding Work Progress


This week we’ve had the remaining welding work on the aircraft’s vertical stabiliser tail fin completed.

Plates were put on the top to cover and protect holes and corrosion caused by years out in the open. The rudder was also welded into place.

This puts the tail in a great position when the time eventually comes to reattach it to the aircraft along with the horizontal stabiliser.

You’ll notice that the tail was flipped recently to give us access to sand and paint the other side in primer to protect it further.

All of this work was thanks to our sponsors and long-term partners K D Flavell & Sons welders, and Lord Hire who provided a generator. We do not earn enough in donations to cover this kind of work, so we’re eternally grateful to these companies for their help in saving this historic aircraft.

We also had help from local recovery service Go-VMS (07889 174259)





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