Looking Back on a Great 2016; Looking Ahead to 2017

Save The Trident 2016

It’s been another mammoth year in the project to save and preserve Trident 1C G-ARPO.

Despite reaching our major milestone of completing the interior restoration and opening the aircraft to the public in 2015, we still had plenty to do, and 2016 saw numerous important tasks ticked off.

With the wings and tail of the aircraft still detached, we decided to spend time sanding them down and painting with primer to preserve the metal which is exposed to the weather (thanks to Trimite). This took a number of days to do, and we also moved the wings to a spot behind the fuselage where they are easier to reach and also now become part of the exhibit.

Prior to painting the tail some important welding work was carried out (by K D Flavell & Sons, and Lord Tool Hire) to repair previous damage and to protect it from further corrosion.

In October we decided to give the fuselage a well-earned wash to remove some of the grime which was building up from exposure to the weather. We had the support of Warren Access for this job.




Thanks to our amazing supporters, we managed to reach our funding goal of £1,500 for 2016. This enabled us to keep the working going, hiring in contractors to help with tasks, and buying supplies.

Looking ahead, we still need to keep donations coming in to ensure we can keep on top of the work at hand. We receive no income at all apart from what is donated to us through our website and in the donations box on board the aircraft.

To contribute towards our 2017 target, please visit our Donate Page and find out how you can do it.


What We’ll Be Doing in 2017

If you’re keen to know where you money will be going, here’s a run-down of what we hope to do in 2017.

More wings work. Yes, there’s still more to do ahead of the eventual re-attachment of our wings to ensure they’re in the best condition.

Maintaining the wheels and undercarriage. This is an area which needs our attention to ensure it is looked after and able to continue supporting the weight of the fuselage! We will also be reattaching the wheel bay doors and painting them.

The amount of work we can do depends on our funding and volunteer availability.


Opening Times

We managed to open the Trident a couple of times per month between April and October 2016, as well as some other occasions. We were thrilled at how much people loved coming on board, and the compliments we received about the quality of the restoration.

We hope to do the same in 2017, but keep an eye out for a list of dates which we’ll publish soon.

Visit Trident G-ARPO

More Volunteers Needed!

In order to keep up with opening the aircraft (and even look to open it more often), as well as the restoration tasks, we desperately need more volunteers to come and help us at the museum.

If you live within easy reach of Sunderland and could offer even one Saturday or Sunday per month, it would be a major help. Get in touch to express interest and have an informal chat about what’s involved.


Finally, let us wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all at Save The Trident!



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