August Project Update

Summer is progressing fast and we’ve been busy welcoming plenty of visitors on board Trident G-ARPO to learn about the history of this aircraft and our project.

One of the interesting things about our aircraft is that it is one of the few airliners that the general public can get on board in the north of England, and for lots of young visitors to the North East Land, Sea and Air Museum it is the first time they’ve ever been on an aircraft. So we love showing them around and letting them see the cockpit.


Trident Cabin

Visiting G-ARPO

Remember that you can come and visit us on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month until the end of October, plus special event days held by the museum. So that means we have around two months left of our 2017 open season, so don’t delay!


Recent Work

Sadly our project leader, Tony Jarrett, has had to undergo surgery this summer, so it has slowed any physical work on the aircraft. But he is thankfully on the mend and looking forward to planning the next stages of work.

cockpit barrier

Recent work has included the installation of a perspex barrier in the cockpit which allows visitors to see inside, but protects the cockpit from damage. 


Volunteers Wanted

Our team are always looking out for volunteers who can help us. We need people who can come and look after the aircraft and show visitors around during open days, and also new members who have some practical skills to help us in the ongoing restoration. You don’t have to be located near Sunderland, but may find it helps. Please get in touch if you want to help out and we’ll discuss how you can do so!

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