Trident Red One to London Documentary

A fascinating documentary charting a flight in a Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C of BEA has been unearthed on YouTube.

Red One to London follows Trident G-ARPH on a flight from Amsterdam Schiphol to London Heathrow, following the crew and flight as it progresses from gate to gate. At all points in the flight you will hear air traffic control talking to the aircraft, and members of staff at both airports describe the flight and how the aircraft uses the Instrument Landing System to perform an autoland.

There’s some great footage of the take-off and landing, and an interview with the late Mike Channing, who is the captain of this flight.

Mike was kind enough to send us his flying logbook details of flights he took on our G-ARPO before he sadly passed away.

Enjoy the video, which can be seen below.


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