End of Summer Cleaning

It’s been a year since we last cleaned our Trident’s fuselage exterior, so this weekend, with the help of Warren Access, we gave the aircraft a wash.

The position of the fuselage means it is prone to dirt building up particularly on one side of the fuselage, so with the appropriate industrial cleaning liquid, we used the access platform kindly provided by Warren Access we carefully removed it, leaving G-ARPO shining again.

Warren Access are a specialist provider of access platforms, with bases in Newcastle and Huntingdon, and have long been supporters of our project since the early days at Durham Tees Valley Airport. We can’t thank them enough for their help in this project, and can thoroughly recommend the company and their staff. Find out more about them here: https://www.warrenaccess.co.uk/

Here are some pictures of the cleaning work.

IMG_6414 (1)

IMG_6410 (1)

IMG_6418 (1)

IMG_6419 (1)

IMG_6420 (1)

IMG_6424 (1)


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