The BEA Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C Promo Film

trident 1c promo
We've found this wonderful promo film produced by British European Airways to show off their technologically advanced Trident 1C airliner and all it was able to achieve in terms of reliability, automatic landings and passenger service. It has lots of onboard and in-cockpit footage from the early days of Trident operations to enjoy.   Watch the video below. ...
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Trident Cockpit Display Cabinet Finished

We put the finishing touches to the Trident cockpit display cabinet at the museum last weekend. This cabinet has the complete cockpit dashboard of former Trident 2E G-AVFG, which is kindly on loan to us to display inside the hangar at the North East Land, Sea and Air Museum. Now, thanks to help from our friends at Sticker Shop 103, we've adorned it with authentic logos fr...
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