8 Significant Pictures from G-ARPO’s Restoration

Looking back over the past nine years makes us realise how far we’ve come with our project to save Trident 1C G-ARPO.

We still have a long way to go, of course, but here is a selection of pictures showing significant moments in the restoration so far…



As we found her at Teesside in 2009, after years in use as a fire trainer. A ladder is the only way into the cabin.


The tail is lifted off the fuselage after cutting it free.


Wings, having been detached, are loaded onto a trailer for transport to Sunderland.


G-ARPO’s fuselage heads north on the A19 as it makes its way to Sunderland in July 2011. Photo (c) Kevin Betts


Following lots of work in the cabin, carpets are finally laid which totally transform the space ahead of being turned into a display.


The fuselage is relocated within the museum to its current position.


The final stages of painting the fuselage into the bright, attractive colours of Northeast Airlines.


The moment we’d all been waiting for – the grand opening of G-ARPO. Richard Boas, who flew the aircraft into Teesside in 1983, cuts the ribbon. Lots of former pilots and cabin crew attended the special day in July 2015.


4 thoughts on “8 Significant Pictures from G-ARPO’s Restoration

  1. Mike Farrier says:

    I was lucky enough to not only live in the town where these beautiful aircraft were built, but also got to work on several of the last few off the line before it closed in 1978.
    It’s truly amazing what you’ve done to preserve this last trident 1c. She’s really looking the part in the Northeast scheme which is of course very apt for her location!
    Please keep up your fantastic work on this work of art…and remember, the trident was the originator of a whole load of innovative systems that are commonplace on today’s airliners, as well as delivering her customers at very nearly the speed of sound! Amen.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Mike!

  3. Alan Wilson says:

    Hello Savethetrident,

    Has anybody suggested building a model kit of the Trident to help raise funds for her preservation. I know who can do that sort of thing to assist. Will this be of interest to the programme?

    With thanks,


  4. admin says:

    Hi Alan, we had decals produced of G-ARPO in her Northeast livery which can be used on the standard 1/144 scale Trident 1C model.
    However, these models are quite rare to come by now, so if you know anyone who can produce a model for us to help raise funds please let us know!

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