G-ARPO Hosts Local Firefighters






The Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service were on site at the museum today to take part in a training exercise which focussed on our Trident.

In glorious sunshine, the staged incident saw dummies placed inside the aircraft and fire fighters tasked with simulating the exercise to assess the situation, deal with (an imaginary) fire, reach the casualties and extract them fro the ‘wreckage’.

Following this, the crews had to deal with imagined contamination from the aircraft.

Thankfully the chance to practice emergency exercises on a crashed airliner are few and far between, so we were thrilled to be able to help this local crew in their training exercise. The NELSAM museum is a great place for that, with many different exhibits, and having an airliner to go aboard is a great asset.

We’d like to thank the Sarah and Gary and all the fire crews for their professionalism and respect for the aircraft and its contents while performing this exercise, and we hope they found it useful.


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