Permabond Adhesives Helping to Restore our Trident

As we wrote last week, we planned some work this week to repair and restore parts of the wings of our Trident at Sunderland.

The work involved clearing out corrosion which had formed on the wing stubs, and then covering over with aluminium plating.

Due to the location, we could not weld these plates, so instead turned to industrial adhesive manufacturer Permabond, who were able to help with a very kind sponsorship and even came along to see their product being used on the Trident.

Permabond offers a range of adhesive technologies suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrate materials. Adhesive use is widespread both inside aircraft and out; for fixtures and fittings as well as mechanical and structural applications.

Adhesives are ideal for aircraft as they reduce the need for mechanical fasteners (which add to the aircraft weight) and allow greater freedom of substrate material choice. Adhesive bonding is also an effective alternative to welding – giving a better finished appearance, better strength performance, stress distribution and of course avoids the process of welding which can reduce the intrinsic strength of the metal structure.

Permabond has offices around the world, including the US, UK, Asia, Germany and France, and works with active aviation customers in all of these locations (and not just musem pieces!).

Permabond also provides adhesives for other non-aviation purposes, such as sign bonding, shop fitting, fascias, prosthetic limbs, sports equipment, electronics, vehicle manufacture and marine applications.

To find out more and see their full product range, visit Permabond at or call +44(0)1962 711661.

Successful Job

The work was completed successfully and has enabled us to protect the wings from the weather.

We are very grateful to Permabond for helping us with this work. Every penny counts towards our restoration project, and their product was the perfect solution.

Here are some pictures.

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