Wing Stub Restoration and Permabond Sponsorship

This week we will undertake some work on the wing stubs attached to our Trident’s fuselage.

We recently found some corrosion on these stubs – a natural side effect of the aircraft being outdoors for so long.

We will begin the process of repairing these areas by cleaning up the corroded parts and adding aluminium plate to cover them over.

Because of where the corroded areas are we can not weld aluminium on. We will therefore use industrial bonding solutions.

We are really pleased to announce that Permabond have kindly sponsored us with their product.

Their industrial bonding adhesive is the perfect solution to attach these aluminium plates and ensure our aircraft is repaired and protected properly.

We are really grateful to Permabond for their help. Please visit their website here to find out more about their solutions and products.

We’ll follow up soon with pictures of the finished work.

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