Classic BEA Aircraft Steps Arrive

This week we took delivery of two sets of authentic aircraft boarding steps at Sunderland.

These steps were previously at Cosford RAF Museum, and most recently at the Manchester Airport Runway Visitor Park alongside their own Trident 3B aircraft.

They were kindly gifted to the NELSAM museum by Neil Lomax.

Originally the steps were used at an airport for boarding of Trident flights, and they still feature BEA logos, much like our Trident would have worn in the 1960s.

Obviously these two large sets of steps are not easy to transport the 150 miles to Sunderland. That’s where HTF Transport came in, with a generous price to deliver the steps to the NELSAM museum and position them alongside the Trident.

HTF Transport came to our rescue. Seen here outside the museum.

HTF Transport are HIAB hire specialists based in Manchester, so were perfect for this job, and we received a first class experience and amazing team who couldn’t have been more helpful. Check them out here:

As well as being an authentic and relevant addition to our Trident display, these steps will also allow us to open up two doors for a better flow of visitors through the aircraft on open days.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to HTF Transport, for helping us with this, and to all of you who donated funds to the project to allow us to pay for transportation.

Here are a few pictures of them leaving Manchester and arriving at Sunderland:

Leaving their former home alongside Trident 3B G-AWZK, which is to receive new steps soon.
Onto HTF Transport’s HIAB transport ready for the trip to Sunderland.
First steps into place. We’ll now be able to use for the forward door for entry and exit!
Second set positioned at the L2 door.
Classic BEA aircraft steps in place. G-ARPO looks pleased.

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