News updates from the project to save Trident 1C G-ARPO

July 2015
Aircraft opened to the public, with celebratory event involving many former pilots and flight attendants who flew G-ARPO.

August 2014
Aircraft fuselage painted in primer

July 2014
Front cabin nears completion, with seat cushions and hostess manikin added.

May 2013
Trident is moved from the museum car park onto the display area.

November 2012
Franks Factory Flooring fit out the forward cabin with carpets and, and fit vinyl supplied by Aerofloor.

February 2012
Forward cabin receives attention. It is cleaned, seats removed, and made ready for painting and other fittings.

18 & 19 August 2011
Tail, wings and remaining pieces of aircraft moved to North East Aircraft Museum by road. Dismantling and transportation complete.

31 July 2011
Fuselage moved to North East Aircraft Museum by road.

17 June 2011
Wheel legs retracted into the fuselage ready for transporting the aircraft.

12 & 13 May 2011
Wings and engine side-pods removed from the aircraft.

14 April 2011
Some fuel found remaining in the wings, so removed and left to vent. Wheels removed.

13 April 2011
G-ARPO is lifted into a new position to make cutting the wings off easier. First time she’s flown in 27 years!

3 February 2011
The tail fin and its engine intake were removed from the airframe.

13 January 2011
G-ARPO’s horizontal stabiliser is removed successfully.

18 November 2010
Another day trying to remove the horizontal stabiliser.

30 September 2010
Another day of work cutting the aircraft.

13-17 September 2010
A week of cutting begins. G-ARPO is dismantled ready for moving.

5 August 2010
More wiring stripped and restored cockpit panels added. Inboard flaps lowered ready to be cut and rear engine access doors lowered. 200 pallets were delivered ready to support the aircraft during cutting.

3 July 2010
Members of the team stripped the wiring and cleaned the interior of the aircraft further, whilst Neil worked more on the cockpit. We also removed gear bay doors and prepared the flaps.

5 June 2010
Tony, Neil, Peter, Phil, Julian and Matt spent a day working on G-ARPO at Durham Tees Valley. The aircraft exterior was washed thoroughly and we began cleaning the interior and removing more cockpit parts to restore.

20-21 May 2010
The team visited Belfast International to strip parts from Trident 2E G-AVFE which will be used on our restoration of G-ARPO. These were taken to Sunderland for storage. Meetings were also held with hauliers, crane operators and Serco over the final details for moving G-ARPO.

8 April 2010
Work begins on our Trident at Durham Tees Valley. Neil Lomax, Peter Foster and Tony Jarrett start stripping the interior, removing panels, clearing the cockpit, closing doors and windows, and removing all of the blacked-out inner window panes. After only a day, it already looks like a different aircraft!

7 March 2010
The Save The Trident campaign featured on the BBC Radio 5live Breakfast Show. It has also recently appeared on BBC Tees and a number of regional newspapers.

5 February 2010
Team members visited Belfast International’s Trident 2E to see which parts could be taken to help restore G-ARPO. We aim to go back at a later date to bring these parts back to England.

6 January 2010
Donations to the Save The Trident project can now be accepted through our website by visiting the donations page. Please give generously if you want to help save this historic aircraft.

23 October 2009
Tony, Neil, Matt and Bruce met at Durham Tees Valley to assess the airframe. Serco were very accommodating, giving us access to G-ARPO to assess its status, and gave us a room to meet in afterwards. Bruce is an aircraft engineer and gave us a much better understanding of what parts of the aircraft need attention.

24 September 2009
Website launched at to be a hub of information on the project, with news, updates, opportunities to donate and get involved, and history of the aircraft.

22 September 2009
Green light given from Serco, the current owners of the aircraft. We can have it, and remove it from site, any time until 2012.

24 September 2009
Website launched at to be a hub of information on the project, with news, updates, opportunities to donate and get involved, and history of the aircraft.

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