Friends of G-ARPO

We would like to thank the following companies and sponsors for their help and support in our bid to save Trident G-ARPO (in alphabetical order):

  • AC Metals A scrap metal merchant based in Darlington who provided a skip for us during dismantling.AerofloorLink
  • Aerofloor A specialist manufacturer of aircraft interior products. Provided vinyl flooring for our aircraft.Aerozeal
  • Aerozeal Work closely with organisations such as the CAA, EASA, and DfT on airport industry projects. Sponsored seat restoration.Airglide
  • Airglide Airglide supplied a protective coating of their nano-technology Aviation Shield product, as used in the aviation, ship and road transport industry.airobilia
  • Airobilia Aviation memorabilia supplier who sponsored seat restoration.AirplaneGeeks
  • Airplane Geeks Podcast One of the original and best aviation podcasts, broadcast each week. Gave our project a mention.AutoRecoveryServices
  • Auto Recovery Services Ltd Provided auto recovery support for the vehicles used in moving G-ARPO to Sunderland.Babcock
  • Babcock International A leading UK engineering support company who donated the original Trident towbar to us.
  • Belfast International Airport Fire & Rescue Provided lots of support in providing their Trident 2E as a parts source for our aircraft.BHP Law
  • BHP Law One of the world’s leading legal service providers. Aided our project by sponsoring legal advice and documents during the transfer of ownership of the aircraft.BPIlogo
  • BPI Polythene One of the leading manufacturers of polythene products. Supplied our project with black polythene membrane.British-airways-logo
  • British Airways Original owners of our aircraft. They sponsored our raffle prize with a pair of flight tickets, and also helped us get hold of an original towbar!casco
  • CASCO CASCO is a leading supplier of commercial aircraft parts. They provided a spare part cargo door from a BAe 146 aircraft.Cylinder Service Centre
  • Cylinder Service Centre A specialist hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and repairer based in a 24,000 sq.ft brand new, purpose built factory located in its own two acre site in Washington, Tyne & Wear. Overhauled our jacks.DeepingUpholstery
  • Deeping Upholstery An established upholstery supplier for both domestic and commercial needs. They helped us with creating new, authentic-looking seat covers for our aircraft.
  • Experience Days A great provider of fun experiences, from flying to driving, pampering and more. Provided a voucher for our raffle. evergreen
  • Evergreen Pallet Solutions (UK) Ltd A leading pallet provider based in Darlington. Provided our project with 200 pallets during the dismantling stage of the project.Eyre and Elliston
  • Eyre & Elliston. The Sunderland branch of this independent electrical wholesaler, provided electrical supplies for our aircraft.
  • Flightdeck Reality. A fantastic place to try your hand at flight simulator flying in realistic cockpits at Boston, Lincolnshire.
  • Flying A one-stop shop for booking flying lessons and experience days. Provided a flying lesson as part of our raffle.Fosters Forestry & Gardens
  • Fosters Forestry & Gardens Darlington-based forestry and gardening team who have supported our project from the start.Franks Factory Flooring Logo
  • Franks Factory Flooring A well known carpet and flooring supplier, Franks came to our rescue and supplied carpeting for our aircraft cabins.Super Guppy B-BTGV
  • Friends of Super Guppy F-BTGV Preserving this unique aircraft a Bruntingthorpe. They are friends of our project. Please support them!Gazelle Military Helicopter Trust
  • Gazelle Military Helicopter Trust Presserving a former military Gazelle helicopter. Please support them!GeminiJets
  • GeminiJets The well known manufacturer of scale model aircraft, including a range of die-cast Trident models, GeminiJets have been a great support to us through sponsorships and advertising.
  • Gil-Good Lodge This lovely B&B in Antrim provided a room for the night for our team members visiting Belfast to reclaim aircraft parts.Hayward Aviation Ltd
  • Hayward Aviation Ltd An international specialist aviation insurance broker. Hayward Aviation helped us out with the specialist insurance needed for our project.HDNLink
  • HDNL The Home Delivery Network sponsored us with delivery of equipment to the museum in Sunderland.Henderson Engineering
  • Henderson Engineering Henderson sponsored us with one of their engineers to help in the dismantling of our Trident at Teesside.Hire Station
  • Hire Station The tool hire company, Hire Station, helped us with a discount on the hire of various tools and items during the dismantling of our aircraft.HSS Hire
  • HSS Tool Hire HSS in Darlington have been a regular supporter of our project with discounts on tool hire from their extensive supply.HSStraining
  • HSS Training When we needed training on an abrasive wheel course, HSS Training sponsored us.IAG
  • IAG International Airlines Group IAG, owners of British Airways and Iberia, helped us by supplying and restoring an authentic Trident tow-bar from Heathrow airport.Ideal world
  • Ideal World Ideal World shopping sponsored six pairs of ladders to our project, which have been very useful.
  • Intack Self Drive Blackburn-based Intack Self Drive gave us discount on the hire of a Luton van to deliver parts from Belfast.ironmongery direct
  • Ironmongery Direct Ironmongery Direct have been in the business of supplying architectural ironmongery to tradesman for over 40 years. They provided parts for our Pullman-style tables.J A Milton
  • J A Milton The upholstery suppliers J A Milton helped us with a discount on the material for restoring the seats in our cabin.JDPL
  • JDPL Haulage Colin Best at JDPL helped us with planning the route to deliver our Trident from Teesside to Sunerland, and provided an escort during the transport.Joseph Parr
  • Joseph Parr (Middlesbrough) Ltd Suppliers of DIY, timber and building materials to trade and retail. Joseph Parr in Stockton sponsored some pallets which we needed for the project.KD Flavell Logo
  • KD Flavell Welding Based in Thornaby, K D Flavell & Sons helped us with welding works during the dismantling of our Trident.KoubuInteriors
  • Koubou Interiors Koubou Interiors create unique and luxurious living environments to maximise the potential for light and space. They sponsored the restoration of a seat.LASAerospace
  • LAS Aerospace This company have been a supplier to the aviation industry since 1982. They helped us by supplying Alochrom to prepare the fuselage for painting.
    Laser Cut It
  • Laser Cutting Services A specialist provider of laser cutting. They part sponsored the stencils for the titles of on our aircraft.LordHire
  • Lord Tool Hire Provided sponsorship in the form of generator hire.


  • Metal Supermarkets are a worldwide supplier of cut metal. Their Gateshead store provided with aluminium for repair work on our wings.
  • Michel Schou A fabulous aviation artist. Michel painted a number of pictures of G-ARPO in different colour schemes from her past. They will be on display inside the aircraft.MINT-Software-Systems
  • MINT Software Systems A full-service supplier of sophisticated software products for the aviation industry and other training intensive industry sectors. Sponsored the restoration of a seat.MSD Cranes
  • MSD Cranes MSD are based in Darlington and gave us a lot of support during the dismantling and transportation process, and also when we needed to move the Trident out of the museum’s car park. Their cranes come in all sizes and are perfect for any job.NEAM-Banner
  • North East Land Sea & Air Museum The new home of G-ARPO. NELSAM is a unique museum in the north east, with a collection of military and civil aircraft, military vehicles and weapons, trams, and buses. Come see the gigantic Vulcan bomber or the famous Blackpool tram collection.NiftyLiftLogo
  • NiftyLift UK specialists in access platforms and work platforms, NiftyLift contributed towards our costs and offered their help with access in the future.northbrook_college
  • Northbrook College Northbrook College’s Shoreham Airport base supplied a pristine Trident main wheels leg to us, which is now on display alongside our aircraft.
  • Pontin’s Needs little introduction as the UK’s premier holiday and resort company. Provided a holiday at one of their locations as part of our raffle.Pooleys-Logo
  • Pooleys Flight Equipment The famous supplier of pilot charts and equipment sponsored the restoration of one of our seats.PPG Industries
  • PPG Industries PPG Industries’ vision is to continue to be the world’s leading coatings and specialty products company. It is a specialist in performance coatings for aviation, automotive, marine, architecture, and industry. PPG provided all of the primers and top coat paints for our project, to allow painting in the colours of Northeast Airlines.
  • Phoenix Aircraft Leasing Ltd
    Commercial aircraft leasing, sales and marketing, particularly in the Asia region. They helped us out by sponsoring the restoration of a seat in our cabin.RESTeesdaleScaffoldAd
  • RES Teesdale Scaffold Ltd A local scaffold supplier provided scaffolding during the dismantling process at Teesside Airport free of charge.RGW_logo_artwork
  • RGW Cherry & Associates A consultancy company formed from widely experienced Aeronautical Engineers.Saints Transport
  • Saints Transport Saints Transport kindly delivered our Trident towbar from Heathrow to Sunderland free of charge.SASlogo
  • SAS Powered Access We were sponsored the hire of a cherry picker by SAS Powered Access during the dismantling process.SERCO
  • Serco’s International Fire Training School Our Trident was previously owned by Serco’s International Fire Training School, which trains firefighters from around the world on its unique rigs and training environments at Durham Tees Valley Airport. Serco kindly allowed us to purchase G-ARPO and restore her.SK Print Design
  • SK Print Design SK Print Design gave us a great deal on printing leaflets to help us promote our project.skipv3logofrnt
  • Skipbridge Signs Darlington’s Skipbridge Signs offered us the use of a cherry picker, and also created a sign to display whilst transporting G-ARPO to Sunderland. They recently helped with our stencils for putting the titles on the aircraft exterior.SouthTyne
  • South Tyne Building Supplies Provided aggregate for a path leading to our aircraft steps.Spacewise
  • Spacewise Spacewise are a large container company and have helped our project by providing a container to use for storage at the museum on a long term basis.St George Hotel
  • St. George Hotel Durham Tees Valley Airport The historic and smart St George Hotel at Durham Tees Valley provided a number of nights accommodation for our team members during the dismantling process at the airport. It’s a great hotel to stay in.Stena Line
  • Stena Line Stena kindle supplied a return crossing to Northern Ireland for team members travelling to recover parts from G-AVFE at Belfast International.


  • Sticker Shop 103 provided some fantastic stickers for us. They create all sorts of advertising and promotional stickers.Tanfield Body Repair
  • Tanfield Body Repair Tanfield are based in Gateshead and have over 20 years experience in the motor trade, performing quality body repairs. They came to help repair damage to the skin of our Trident’s fuselage.theswansm
  • The Swan Inn This Stranraer pub and inn offered free accommodation to our team members whilst travelling to Belfast to reclaim Trident parts.ThorneDerrick
  • Thorne and Derrick T&D are national distributors and worldwide exporters of LV-HV Cable Installation, Cable Jointing & Electrical Equipment. They provided underground electric ducting for us to power our aircraft lights.TNT
  • TNT The well known distribution and logistics company, with a base at Durham Tees Valley Airport, provided free delivery of a Trident rudder to us from Belfast.TransramEurope
  • Transram Europe Transram Europe are a crane-assisted road transport company based in West Sussex. They can easily handle all sorts of road transport, and helped deliver our Trident leg from Shoreham.TrimiteTechnologies2
  • Trimite Technologies A specialist supplier of process chemicals to the metal pre-treatment and plating industries. Trimite Technologies provided Alochrom 1200 to help prepare our fuselage skin for painting.
  • Venture Studios A professional photography company who provided a photography session as part of our raffle.Warren Access
  • Warren Access Warren Access Platforms kindly sponsored a cherry picker truck for us to use when cutting the tail off our Trident.
  • West London Aero Club This flying club provided financial assistance to our restoration project. Check them out for a flying lesson!Weston
  • Weston Aviation With bases at Durham Tees Valley and Humberside Airports, Weston provide handling and VIP transfers for passengers on private aircraft.WickesAd
  • Wickes The local Sunderland Wickes store gave us a number of materials needed for our restoration project free of charge.

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