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Belfast Trident as a Parts Source

Posted on Dec 4, 2009 in Project News | 1 comment

We have had some great news today from the Belfast International Fire Service. In a corner of Belfast International Airport is the complete Trident 2E G-AVFE, which has been used by the service for non-destructive training. The fire service has kindly allowed us to use this Trident as a parts source for our restoration of G-ARPO, and have invited us to visit in early 2010 to see what is available and what we’d like. We would then come back at a later date to strip the parts and take them to Sunderland ready to be put into our Trident. G-AVFE is largely complete both internally and...

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Spares from the De Havilland Museum

Posted on Nov 3, 2009 in Project News | 0 comments

Some great news for the G-ARPO project came recently when the De Havilland Aircraft Heritage Centre (Mosquito Museum) at London Colney agreed to donate all of their spare Trident parts to us which will come in very useful for restoration. If you haven’t been, the De Havilland museum has finished an excellent preservation of the forward section of Trident 2E G-AVFH in BEA colours, with a full interior and cockpit. I’d fully recommend a visit. Most of the spare parts have apparently come from former Channel Airways Trident G-AVYE and British Airways Trident 3B G-AWZO. They are...

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