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We’ve reached the first £1000!

Posted on Apr 1, 2013 in Featured articles, Project News | 0 comments

We’re really pleased to announce that we’ve reached the £1,000 mark on our 2013 fundraising drive! Thank you all so much for your donations, which have really been coming in thick and fast lately. We’re so happy that you support this project and want to see our Trident restored. Our aim was to raise £3,000 in 2013 towards a number of key parts of our schedule of works to be done, and we’ve reached a third of the target after three months. So we’re doing well! Key stages we want to achieve this year include moving the aircraft onto the display area at the museum...

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Off to Belfast with the help of Intack Self Drive

Posted on Apr 18, 2010 in Featured articles, Other News, Project News | 0 comments

Our return trip to Belfast has been scheduled for mid-May to pick up parts from the Trident 2E G-AVFE there. We have had a generous offer from Intack Self Drive in Blackburn for half-price hire of a Luton van over the four days we’ll need it. Tony and Neil will take the van over to Belfast, whilst Matt, Peter and Phil Biley will travel by air from Newcastle to meet up and spend a day dismantling the parts we need. Tony and Neil will then drive them back to Sunderland, ready to use when G-ARPO arrives later this year. Thank you very much Intack for this offer, and to those who have...

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Ideal World Shopping

Posted on Feb 1, 2010 in Project News | 1 comment

Ideal World Shopping has donated a number of ladders to the project which will be shipped to the North East Aircraft Museum to enable a lot of work to be undertaken on G-ARPO when she arrives. This is an incredibly generous offer, so thank you! Ideal World is a fantastic online and TV shopping company with many great products. Have a look at their...

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Please Donate!

Posted on Jan 6, 2010 in About G-ARPO, Featured articles, Project News | 2 comments

We are volunteers and need donations of money and sponsorships to help us restore G-ARPO. Find out how… We recognise the harsh financial climate, and so gratefully receive any money you can spare to help us save this magnificent aircraft and preserve it for future generations to enjoy. We have set up a page to donate to the project which details how to pay through PayPal or by sending a personal cheque. Alternatively, you can click on the link on the left side of the main page. All money received will be spent on the aircraft and its relocation to Sunderland. We give you our word that...

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