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Pallets by TNT

Posted on May 27, 2010 in Featured articles, Project News | 0 comments

Today we had the fantastic news that TNT have been kind enough to offer us the loan of some pallets to use when dismantling our aircraft. These will be used underneath the wings to support the airframe as parts are removed. TNT have a major depot in one of the hangars at Durham Tees Valley Airport, so it’s great to have a local team helping us out. They also have an office in Darlington and many more around the country. They’re experts at parcel delivery and logistics, with an air and road network. This kind offer has been made jointly between the Darlington and Durham Tees...

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Tees Valley Flight Training

Posted on Jan 31, 2010 in Project News | 0 comments

We’ve had a very kind donation from Tees Valley Flight Training. Durham Tees Valley Airport, where G-ARPO is currently situated, is an excellent airport to learn to fly at, or enjoy a sightseeing flight. Tees Valley Flight Training are an excellent training company based here, with a variety of options for lessons and ratings. Thanks very much to them for their support in saving our...

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Peter Foster On Board

Posted on Jan 25, 2010 in Project News | 0 comments

Peter Foster is a new member of our team. He’s got a wealth of aviation experience, and has even saved a Lightning aircraft, restoring it fully. Peter was formerly a Senior Duty Officer at Durham Tees Valley (then Teesside) airport, and had the honour of being the last person to marshall G-ARPO when she arrived to take up post at the fire training school in 1983. With Peter’s help, we have gained access to a Cherry Picker, and also should be able to remove a lot of the scrap metal inside the airframe that is no longer needed at no cost. We look forward to his help in our bid to...

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Save The Trident – G-ARPO

Posted on Sep 24, 2009 in About G-ARPO, About the Site, Project News | 14 comments

Welcome to the website for Hawker Siddeley HS.121 Trident 1C, G-ARPO, and our bid to save and preserve this historic aircraft. Currently based at Durham Tees Valley Airport as part of Serco’s International Fire Training Centre, we plan to move this aircraft to a museum site in September/October 2010 and restore her as a Trident exhibit indoors from the elements and with many interior fittings back in place. To do this, we need a lot of planning and fundraising to take place. This website is just the start, but it will become the central point of information on the project. For fans of...

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