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Trident Move Complete!

Posted on Aug 19, 2011 in About G-ARPO, Featured articles | 0 comments

Over the past two days we have managed to reach a major milestone in the project to save Trident 1C G-ARPO. We have now moved the entire aircraft to the North East Aircraft Museum. Yesterday, we managed to move the starboard wing and the horizontal stabiliser. Today, the port wing and tail fin were moved, along with the remaining bits and pieces that had been removed (flaps, engine casings) and a set of aircraft steps. A minor setback on the first day saw the tail unable to fit onto the trailer as it was too long. In a last minute stroke of luck, we were able to hire the assistance of an...

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Trident move route planning and escort by JDPL

Posted on Apr 11, 2011 in Featured articles, Project News | 0 comments

We wanted to give a mention to JDPL who are helping us with the move of our Trident to the museum. Colin Best, who works for JDPL, has organised this for us. They have planned the route which the aircraft will take, which is not an easy task when you consider the roundabouts, bridges and street furniture which needs to be negotiated. When the move happens, the company will also escort the vehicles carrying the aircraft to make sure everything goes to plan. This is an important job at arguably the most crucial moment in the plan so far, so we thank Colin and his team for the work...

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