The BEA Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C Promo Film

trident 1c promo
We've found this wonderful promo film produced by British European Airways to show off their technologically advanced Trident 1C airliner and all it was able to achieve in terms of reliability, automatic landings and passenger service. It has lots of onboard and in-cockpit footage from the early days of Trident operations to enjoy.   Watch the video below. ...
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Can you help with our costs? Time is short!

As we approach move date at the speed of a Trident in cruise (fastest subsonic airliner in its day, don't you know!), we've been landed with a big insurance bill to top us up to the required amount for the move. This amounts to an extra £2000 in costs, which we just don't have lying around! In addition to this, the cost of the move is a little more than anticipated. Ca...
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The last flight of a Trident 1C

In case you didn't know, our Trident - G-ARPO - was the last Trident 1C ever to fly. Makes her a fitting one to restore don't you think? She had been laid up at London Heathrow in the BA maintenance area for a while, with her stablemates all being scrapped or sent to fire grounds around the country. Finally, the call came to send her up to Teesside Airport (as Durham Tees Va...
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