When G-ARPO’s engine exploded!

G-ARPO Engine ExplosionWe recently spoke to another former pilot of our Trident 1C, John Preston, who recounted the story of the only emergency in his flying career which actually took place on G-ARPO.

As part of the crew preparing to fly the aircraft back to London from Rome on 1st October, 1970, upon commencing their take-off run the number 1 engine suddenly exploded causing them to abandon take-off immediately.

Upon inspection, they found that all but the outer casing of the engine had disintegrated, spreading fragments of metal all over the runway and even penetrating one of the rear toilets on board the aircraft.

This is a fascinating moment in our aircraft’s life that has been captured as part of its story, and will be preserved in the displays on board the aircraft once it is open to the public. We thank John for sending this in, along with his flight logs.

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One thought on “When G-ARPO’s engine exploded!

  1. Bill Pennington says:

    Trident 2 & 3’s will always remain in my memories as an aircraft enthusiast. Going to MCR and sitting at the end of Pier B (guess my age!), and seeing them alongside 1-11,s etc. Those were the days!

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