G-ARPO 2020 Open Dates

Visit Trident G-ARPO

Would you like to visit Trident 1C G-ARPO and see inside the cabin and cockpit?

We try to open every second and fourth Saturday between April and October, as well as special events at the museum.

** Please Note: Due to the Covid-19 virus we are unlikely to be open until later in the year. We will keep you updated.

Our planned open dates for 2020 are:

  • Saturday 11 April
  • Saturday 25 April
  • Saturday 9 May
  • Saturday 13 June
  • Saturday 27 June
  • Saturday 11 July
  • Saturday 25 July
  • Saturday 8 August
  • Saturday 22 August
  • Saturday 12 September
  • Saturday 26 September
  • Saturday 10 October
  • Saturday 24 October

As always, we are dependent on availability of volunteers. Could you help? Why not join our team! Get in touch.

2 thoughts on “G-ARPO 2020 Open Dates

  1. Chris Eve says:

    Looking at your website again, I am touched that on the photo showing ‘passengers’ visiting G-ARPO at the summer opening in 2015, there is a lady in a blue hat at the rear of the queue, looking into her bag. That is my lovely wife, Vanessa, who tragically passed away in October 2017.

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