Completed G-ARPO Model With Our Decals

A while back we were gifted sets of decals representing our Trident 1C aircraft, G-ARPO, in the colours that we have chosen to restore her in, with correct registration and other details.

These were kindly provided by 26 Decals, and they fit the 1/144 scale models of the Trident 1C which are still available second-hand (or you may have stored away waiting to be built!).

Alain Hawotte recently bought a set of these decals from us and has just sent us these pictures of the completed model, which we think looks fantastic!

Thank you to Alain for supporting our project!

If you would like to buy a set of decals to make your own model of G-ARPO, we still have plenty available. They cost £6.

You can buy them here:

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