Meet The Team

The team behind the project to save Trident 1C G-ARPO are:

Tony Jarrett Tony Jarrett
Tony is the project leader. He has experience of management and logistics and a passion for the preservation of historic aircraft.
Matt Falcus Matt Falcus
Matt is an aviation writer and Trident fan. He maintains the Save The Trident website.
Dave Matthews
A recent addition to the team, and based at the museum in Sunderland. Dave has worked on many aircraft over the years, and was in the RAF previously, so has plenty of experience!
Robin Dean Robin Dean
Robin is an experienced aircraft modeller and shows fine attention to detail. He has been heavily involved in restoring the cabin of G-ARPO.
A new member of the team at the museum, with experience of historic aircraft restoration.
Peter Foster Peter Foster
A former Senior Duty Manager at Durham Tees Valley Airport, Peter was the last person to marshall G-ARPO, when she landed for the last time to take up her role at the fire training school. He has many years experience with aviation, and has preserved a Lightning aircraft.
Julian Cannon Julian Cannon
Julian was formerly a licensed Trident engineer, and is still an active aircraft engineer with many years’ experience. He worked on G-ARPO many times when she was in active service at Heathrow.
Allen McLaughlin
Allen is a BBC cameraman with an interest in aircraft. Whilst not working on gameshows and filming music concerts, he is joining us to film the restoration work on G-ARPO and create a documentary of the project.


Pete Dunn
Pete is an aircraft engineer, with experience working for Flybe. He’s joined the team as he lives close to the museum and can help us on anything technical with the aircraft from his expert perspective.
Phil Phil Biles
Phil formerly a firefighter at Durham Tees Valley and has an interest in preserving and restoring aircraft. Phil sadly passed away in December 2014.


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